Using the Medium Stay Passport service, you can experience the stay in country area all over Japan. Local government prepare the old private houses, events and festivals, and you may have a chance to communicate with the local people.

There is a tax payment system called Furusato Tax. You can pay the inhabitant tax to whichever the local government you want. Using this system, you can get the service with less expense.

If you pay to certain local government, you can get the service from other local government too. They ally each other. You can visit the various cities and towns and have variety of services in each area.









Medium Stay provides the experience of staying rural area of Japan. Using the Furusato Tax system, you can stay with reasonable price, and experience the life in rural cities.














Origin of the activity

- between the "trip" and "move" -

Medium Stay project started on November 2006, as one of the activity of Mid Stay Club. Staying two to three weeks in country area, which is not a "trip", but not "emigration", it is between. We named it "medium stay" and let participants experience country life, nature. Our goal is to enrich the local area again.

Current Activity

- "place to place" activity -

We are honored to receive the certificate from the Ministry of Economic, Trade, and Industry. We cooperate with local government, and promote "place to place" style of life, targeting retired people, young generation with a family, single mother and so on.

Happy Life

Our goal is not to provide the country area, but to provide the happy life. The life in big city is not bad, but we think every human being loves the nature and country life, which is remembered deep in everybody's heart.

Activate Local

People moves from country area to big cities, and areas left has no power to fight with decline. We want to activate these areas and people left. If people moves, then things moves, we believe.

We are looking forward to hear from you

Apply to Medium Stay, and let us hear your opinion

We will show the real voice from country area


There are groups of "senior", "family", "single mother" and others. We understand that is it not an easy decision to live in local area. You can exchange the comment and information with the people with similar background.

You receive the information and notification when there is a new post or comment. You can get the latest information.

You can apply for free. There is no monthly / annual fee. Try now and get information from friends.


If you are retired and have interest for the life in local area, choose this group. Living in both big city and local city is one of the good choices.

Single Mother

Local area has more support for schools and education. All the local city definitely welcome you. Have better education, slow life, and even with less expense.


Let children experience the country life is a great gift from parents to children. If you have children, choose this group. You can share the information.


We are always creating the new groups. If you want to create the new, please contact us.

Now you can apply through the Furusato Tax site. Search the service you want to experience from there.

If you can not make decision, but have an interest, join our Medium Stay Club for free.

For any question, please contact from here.
The other contact from here.

    • ふるさと納税の額は自治体ごとに設定されています。くわしくはこちら{検索ページ}自治体のふるさと納税ページを参照ください。

    • パスポートの有効期間は1年間です。期限をすぎたものは使用できませんのでご注意ください。

    • パスポートはおひとり何枚でも取得できます。配偶者の分、友人の分、お子様の分など取得が可能です。

    • 2017年4月現在では、ふるさと納税でのお申し込みのみとさせていただいております。今後、ふるさと納税を利用しなくてもご利用いただけるよう検討中です。

    • ご利用状況はログイン{ログインページ}ページから参照できます。パスポートIDとパスワードでログインしてください。

    • こちらのサイトからパスワードの再発行はできません。お手数ですが、お申し込みいただいた各自治体までお問い合わせください。

    • You can receive the small service from other cities. The main service is available only in the applied city.