Using the Medium Stay Passport service, you can experience the stay in country area all over Japan. Local government prepare the old private houses, events and festivals, and you may have a chance to communicate with the local people.

There is a tax payment system called Furusato Tax. You can pay the inhabitant tax to whichever the local government you want. Using this system, you can get the service with less expense.

If you pay to certain local government, you can get the service from other local government too. They ally each other. You can visit the various cities and towns and have variety of services in each area.

Retired person

People “willing to stay in country area after the retirement”, “willing to experience both country life big city”. You can move to the country area if you liked it.


People “willing to let child experience the country life”, “willing to stay only in summer vacation”. The great memories never be forgotton.

Single Mother

So called “single mother” also fits to our service. Give your children the precious environment, with less expense.








Register to our Medium Stay Club. You will get the useful information from people in the same community, or in local area, which are based on the real experience.

You will get Medium Stay Passport after the application. Show this passport at each local government or the place to get the service.